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President’s Greeting

Hello, I am Euiwon Kim, the president of AETA.
This is the Association of Educators and Trainers in All-tribes (AETA).
I appreciate your visiting our homepage. AETA is an association of schools and consortia established for theological education and training of ministers in the mission fields. AETA's mission is to develop curriculum and practical skills to train local leaders and increase the leadership of ministers. We will continue to listen to the voices of the mission fields and do our best to take a leap forward. We will strive to innovate in the existing paradigm and continue to take on new challenges to gain love and trust from them, and to increase leadership ability for many people in the field. We will use our creative ideas, digital technologies and capabilities to pioneer new areas.
Thank you very much!

AETA Representative Kim, Eui-won


Company AETA Representative Kim, Eui-won
Type Accreditation Groups Since 2004
Business Mission, education, multimedia