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Representative’s Greeting

Hello, greetings in the name of the Lord.
I am EuiWonKim, the representative of AETA.
AETA is an association esta- blished for the purpose of providing theological education, pastoral training, general leadership, and human resource development needed in the mission field. We are composed of theological seminaries, general schools, and a consortium, which is a collective of organizations dedicated to research and training.
In particular, we focus on training local leaders, discovering talents in various fields, and supporting them to achieve outstanding results in actual mission fields.
AETA listens to the voices from the field and is committed to training talents by utilizing digital technology and innovative methods in line with the changes of the times.
Thank you.

AETA Representative Kim, Eui-won


Company AETA Representative Kim, Eui-won
Type Accreditation Groups Since 2004
Business Mission, education, multimedia